End geoblocking: We need more than just roaming for Netflix!

Reacting to today’s presentation of a Portability regulation by the European Commission, Julia Reda, Pirate Party MEP and a Vice President of the Greens/EFA group, states:

“The proposed Portability regulation only fixes the cross-border access problems of some of the people under very specific circumstances: Those who already have Sky or Netflix subscriptions and want […]

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European Parliament delivers neither Net Neutrality nor an End to Roaming

“Today’s vote on the Telecoms Single Market package in the European Parliament constitutes a broken promise both on the end of roaming surcharges and the establishment of net neutrality”, says Julia Reda, Member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party and shadow rapporteur for the Greens/EFA group in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection […]

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European Commission fails to deliver on Digital Single Market promises

I have serious concerns with the Digital Single Market strategy presented by the European Commission today:

Simply introducing ‘roaming for Netflix’ will not end the discriminatory practice of geoblocking.

When people are turned away on the internet today because ‘this video is not available in your country’, the works they are trying to access are often […]

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EU Commission’s patchy and timid plans fall far short of breaking down national borders online

National borders on the web are here to stay: The Commission’s draft strategy falls far short of establishing a digital single market in Europe – this is my assessment of the draft digital single market strategy which was leaked by Politico yesterday.

The ambition to ‘break down national silos‘ in the EU’s copyright framework has given way to timid […]

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European Commission reveals first details of copyright reform

Deep in my heart, I hate geoblocking Andrus Ansip

Commission Vice President Ansip yesterday announced that the Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy includes the harmonisation of copyright exceptions, notably for libraries, text & data mining and for people with disabilities.

He also clearly stated that geoblocking for the enforcement of copyright must be […]

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EU copyright rules maladapted to the Internet, upcoming Parliamentary report finds

This is the press release summarizing the report. To view the blog post, click here.

EU copyright rules are maladapted to the increase of cross-border cultural exchange facilitated by the Internet, an upcoming European Parliament own-initiative report evaluating 2001’s copyright directive finds. The draft released today by Julia Reda, MEP for the German Pirate Party, […]

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Oettinger seeks EU copyright expansion for press publishers in spite of its abject failure in Germany and Spain

At today’s debut meeting of the European Parliament’s copyright working group, digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger expressed his wish for an EU-wide ancillary copyright law for press publishers, citing it as an example area of copyright where action was required at an EU level.

Julia Reda, Pirate Party MEP and Greens/EFA representative in the working group, […]

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MEPs establish Intergroup on the Digital Agenda for Europe

More than 70 MEPs today established an interparliamentary group that will work on the Digital Agenda for Europe. Amongst the founders of the Intergroup are Michał Boni (EPP), Josef Weidenholzer (S&D), Marietje Schaake (ALDE) and Julia Reda (Greens/EFA). They all emphasize the need for an integrated approach toward furthering the digital market and discussing […]

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European premiere: Digital Commissioners to stand in online hearing

Andrus Ansip, the designated EU Commission Vice President for the Digital Single Market, today announced his willingness to participate in an open online hearing. Prompted by MEP Julia Reda, he stated at his hearing in front of the European Parliament: »We have to learn from the ACTA case. We have to act in a […]

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EU Commission internet policy appointments are misguided

Commenting on the new EU commission presented today, Julia Reda, Member of the European Parliament for the German Pirate Party, says:

«It is encouraging to see digital issues taking a prominent position in the new Commission. However, I cannot expect much from Commissioners Oettinger and Ansip, who will be in charge of internet policy. The […]

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