European Parliament poised to reject EU copyright expansion plans

This morning, Politico Europe published a draft report [paywalled] by Therese Comodini Cachia (EPP), the Member of the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee responsible for the Parliament’s reaction to the Commission’s copyright reform proposal. MEP Julia Reda (European Pirate Party, Vice President Greens/EFA group) comments:

We now know that none of the controversial centrepieces of the copyright reform […]

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No ‘copyright’ on raw data!

In its Communication on Building a European Data Economy, the European Commission is taking steps towards a new copyright-like protection for raw data (“Data producer’s right”, pg. 13). This is the final bad idea Günther Oettinger submitted as parting digital Commissioner – it would have far-reaching dire consequences and must be rejected.

This idea would protect any […]

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EU budget improves software security with extension of audit programme

Today the European Parliament approved the EU Budget for 2017. The budget sets aside 1.9 million Euro in order to improve the EU’s IT infrastructure by extending the free software security audit programme (FOSSA) that MEPs Max Andersson and Julia Reda (Greens/EFA) initiated two years ago, and by including a bug bounty approach in the […]

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CJEU ruling demonstrates: There can be no digital single market without a modern copyright

Today’s ruling by the European Court of Justice in the McFadden case demonstrates: There can be no digital single market strategy without addressing the problems of our copyright regime.

It was only yesterday that Commission president Juncker promised us that by 2020, all European cities and villages would be supplied with free Wi-Fi. Today, due […]

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Despite denials, copyright reform plans by European Commission are an attack on the freedom to link

The retrograde copyright reform plans Commissioner Oettinger presented today spell disaster for the internet. Oettinger has let copyright reform be hijacked by corporate interests and turned a blind eye to the needs of artists and users. This attempt to remake the web to accommodate analogue business models is doomed to fail at great cost.

The […]

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Oettinger’s copyright reform proposal is unfit for the digital age

The draft directive for EU copyright reform that the European Commission will present on September 21 has just been leaked by the IPKat blog.

Disaster for freedom of expression, EU startups, and a Europe without digital borders

This leak confirms our worst fears. Commissioner Oettinger has let copyright reform be hijacked by the biggest players […]

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Luxleaks verdict against two whistle-blowers contradicts intention of legislators as trade secrets directive is misquoted

Luxleaks verdict against two whistle-blowers contradicts intention of legislators as trade secrets directive is misquoted

Statement by Jean-Marie Cavada, Sergio Cofferati, Laura Ferrara, Constance LeGrip and Julia Reda

Brussels, 1 July 2016

Members of the European Parliament involved in the drafting of the trade secrets directive, which was recently adopted by the EU institutions, have […]

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LuxLeaks verdict: Whistleblowers are acting in the public interest

MEP Julia Reda comments on today’s verdict in the “LuxLeaks” case. The Luxembourg correctional tribunal’s decision finds former PricewaterhouseCoopers employees Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet guilty. Journalist Edouard Perrin was cleared of his charges. They were prosecuted after publishing documents that led to the uncovering of far-reaching tax avoidance schemes:

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Android antitrust case: We must prevent user lock-in

Commenting on the Google Android antitrust case, on which Commissioner Vestager today presented a Statement of Objections, MEP Julia Reda states:

I welcome antitrust actions aimed at dismantling user lock-in and limiting choice concerning the devices that influence our lives to an ever larger degree.

Consumers must have full freedom to choose between hardware, firmware, operating systems, […]

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Panama Papers: It’s time to protect whistleblowers, not corporate secrecy

Commenting on the Panama Papers released on Sunday, MEP Julia Reda states:

The Pirate Party of Iceland will file a motion of mistrust against the Icelandic government in the Icelandic parliament today, because of the connections revealed by the Panama Papers between Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson as well as members of his cabinet and secret offshore […]

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