Victory for Net Neutrality in Europe

Today, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) published its guidelines on net neutrality.

This is a victory for civil society, whose relentless involvement secured the principles of a free and open internet in Europe. By demanding strong net neutrality in record numbers, Europeans managed to overcome massive lobbying by the telecom […]

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Let’s keep the Internet equal and open for all

On Monday, the EU telecoms regulators’ consultation on net neutrality will end.
The input received will decide whether these practices will be allowed (among other issues):

Better, faster routes for companies with deep pockets (“special services”) The throttling of “undesirable” services (“traffic management”) Providers picking and choosing which services are exempt from your plan’s data allowance (“zero rating”) […]

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The internet is more than a big shopping centre: European Parliament calls for Digital Single Not-Just-Market

The European Commission titled one of its policy priorities the “Digital Single Market” (DSM). I applaud the aim of tearing down the many digital borders that remain in Europe – but I am convinced that if done right, it brings benefits to society far beyond facilitating commerce.

Progress must directly benefit and empower all people, […]

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European Parliament delivers neither Net Neutrality nor an End to Roaming

“Today’s vote on the Telecoms Single Market package in the European Parliament constitutes a broken promise both on the end of roaming surcharges and the establishment of net neutrality”, says Julia Reda, Member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party and shadow rapporteur for the Greens/EFA group in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection […]

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TISA trade agreement threatens net neutrality, data protection and consumer rights

The newest leak on the TISA trade agreement once again confirms the danger that free trade agreements pose to our democracy. Like ACTA, CETA and TTIP before it, TISA demonstrates that these intransparently negotiated treaties are driven by the interests of multinational corporations and risk undermining the efforts of the European Parliament to ensure consumer […]

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European premiere: Digital Commissioners to stand in online hearing

Andrus Ansip, the designated EU Commission Vice President for the Digital Single Market, today announced his willingness to participate in an open online hearing. Prompted by MEP Julia Reda, he stated at his hearing in front of the European Parliament: »We have to learn from the ACTA case. We have to act in a […]

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“Prison is a bit like copyright”, says jailed Pirate Bay founder

Västervik Norra prison

It’s a summer day in one of Sweden’s most popular holiday areas, but I’m not here to enjoy the sunshine. I’m about to go to jail.

Västervik Norra, a medium-security prison for 255 inmates on the Eastern shore of Sweden, is not a friendly place, rather at odds with its surroundings. The waiting room is […]

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