Last call to save copyright reform

Tomorrow (Tuesday June 16th), the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will vote on my copyright evaluation report.

There are some issues on which it will come down to every single vote – if these are important to you, today is your final chance to call your representative and let them know! Every single […]

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Net neutrality is a “Taliban-like issue”, says Europe’s top digital policymaker

Speaking at an event by the German Ministry of Finance on March 5, EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger had this to say on the topic of net neutrality:

Net neutrality: Here we’ve got, particularly in Germany, Taliban-like developments. We have the Internet community, the Pirates on the move, it’s all about enforcing perfect uniformity. […]

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Copyright update: Creators, what is your opinion?

The EU will make a proposal for copyright reform this year. On behalf of the European Parliament, I am currently working on an evaluation of the current EU rules. The stakeholders whose voices are loudest in the debate are the rightholders – the voices of creators themselves are heard much less.

Do the plans of the collecting societies really […]

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One bright day in the middle of the night…: Reactions to my copyright evaluation report

 What do you see?

This could be the beginning of a reform of copyright which finally takes into account the needs of people in the 21st century.
–Marcin Maj, Dziennik Interautów

The losers [of the report’s proposals] are European individuals […]: they lose protection over their own words and images, becoming second class global […]

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Report: EU copyright rules are maladapted to the increase of cross-border cultural exchange on the web

This is the core finding of my draft report for the European Parliament evaluating 2001’s copyright directive:

Although the directive was meant to adapt copyright to the digital age, in reality it is blocking the exchange of knowledge and culture across borders today.

Europe would benefit from a copyright that promotes creativity not just […]

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TISA trade agreement threatens net neutrality, data protection and consumer rights

The newest leak on the TISA trade agreement once again confirms the danger that free trade agreements pose to our democracy. Like ACTA, CETA and TTIP before it, TISA demonstrates that these intransparently negotiated treaties are driven by the interests of multinational corporations and risk undermining the efforts of the European Parliament to ensure consumer […]

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My upcoming report on EU copyright

Update: The draft report has now been published. This page is out of date!

The European Parliament’s first contribution to the upcoming copyright reform is going to be a report on the implementation of the previous directive on this matter from 2001 (the so-called “Infosoc Directive”).

The Parliament has appointed me rapporteur of the report. This […]

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“Breaking up Google” – or just bankrolling publishers at Google’s expense?

Today the European Parliament passed a resolution introduced by the two large groups, EPP and S&D, on “consumer rights in the digital single market”. This resolution had caused quite a stir in the international press since last weekend – before it was even formally submitted to the Parliament. Multiple news outlets created the impression that […]

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An EU-wide ‘Google tax’ in the making?

In today’s issue of German newspaper Handelsblatt, Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger has announced that he wants Google to pay for using copyrighted material in the EU:

When Google takes intellectual works from within the EU and works with them, then the EU can protect those works and demand a levy from Google.

The possible unintended consequences of such an attempt […]

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My vote against the new Commission

On July 15, I approved Jean-Claude Juncker’s mandate to form a Commission. Today I’m voting against his Commission in plenary – because it has already failed to live up to the expectations and announcements.

Few glimpses of hope on Internet policy

In his priorities paper Jean-Claude Juncker announced that copyright reform would be initiated within […]

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