FOSSA and the EU’s Cybersecurity legislation

Now that my mandate in the European Parliament has come to an end, there is one important project that will still go on until the fall of this year: The European Free and Open Source Software Audit project – FOSSA for short – that was initialised in 2014, is coming to an end. After running […]

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In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software

Update (16 January 2019): More bug bounties become live, have a look at the full list below!
Update (10 January 2019): As some of you have already pointed out, the bounties haven’t been made public yet. I have been informed by the European Commission that the “start dates” they sent designate the start of […]

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State of the Cyber: 10 proposals for improving IT security in the EU

Without much fanfare, the European Commission has published a new cybersecurity strategy. Although Commission President Juncker briefly touched on the issue in his State of the Union Speech, the document was published in the EU’s document database without a news release or press conference. It’s unclear at this point whether the document was published prematurely and an […]

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EU budget improves software security with extension of audit programme

Today the European Parliament approved the EU Budget for 2017. The budget sets aside 1.9 million Euro in order to improve the EU’s IT infrastructure by extending the free software security audit programme (FOSSA) that MEPs Max Andersson and Julia Reda (Greens/EFA) initiated two years ago, and by including a bug bounty approach in the […]

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European Parliament votes to extend Free Software security audits

Remember how I raised €1 million to demonstrate security and freedom aren’t opposites? Well here’s what happened next and how we are going to move forward with this.

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Two years of lobby meeting transparency – how we did it

Two years after being elected to the European Parliament and right before the summer break is the perfect time to have a look back at all the lobby meetings I had during the last two years to make sure there was a balance among them.

When I was named rapporteur of the copyright report and […]

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EU aims to increase the security of password manager and web server software: KeePass and Apache chosen for open source audits

For the FOSSA pilot project to improve the security of open source software that my colleague Max and I proposed, the European Commission sought your input on which tools to audit.

The results are now in: The two overwhelming public favorites were KeePass (23%) and the Apache HTTP Server (19%). The EU has decided to […]

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Help the EU make free software more reliable and secure

Remember how we managed to raise €1 million to demonstrate security and freedom aren’t opposites? For the next two weeks now (until July 8, 2016), you can decide which project you think should be the first to receive a code review as part of the FOSSA pilot project.

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Android antitrust case: We must prevent user lock-in

Commenting on the Google Android antitrust case, on which Commissioner Vestager today presented a Statement of Objections, MEP Julia Reda states:

I welcome antitrust actions aimed at dismantling user lock-in and limiting choice concerning the devices that influence our lives to an ever larger degree.

Consumers must have full freedom to choose between hardware, firmware, operating systems, […]

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