Copyright negotiations hit a brick wall in Council

Today, Council firmly rejected the negotiating mandate that was supposed to set out Member States’ position ahead of what was supposed to be the final negotiation round with the European Parliament, Politico reports. National governments failed to agree on a common position on the two most controversial articles, Article 11, also known as the Link […]

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Designing the future of cybersecurity in Europe

The European Commission has made a proposal to establish a “Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology, and Research Competence Centre” and a “Network of National Coordination Centres”. If adopted, the Centre will be responsible for implementing the spending of the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programmes, which amount to up to 2.8 billion Euro (subject to the ongoing […]

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Article 13 is almost finished – and it will change the internet as we know it

Negotiations about the EU copyright reform law have resumed: After missing the original Christmas deadline, negotiators for the European Parliament and Council are now aiming to finalise the text on January 21, 2019.

The negotiators have reached agreement on the core of Article 13, which will change the internet as we know it: They want […]

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