In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software

Update (16 January 2019): More bug bounties become live, have a look at the full list below!
Update (10 January 2019): As some of you have already pointed out, the bounties haven’t been made public yet. I have been informed by the European Commission that the “start dates” they sent designate the start of […]

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4 Column documents for December 13 Trilogue

As for today’s trialogue, you can find the 4 column documents for the articles here, and for the recitals here, and the draft agenda here.

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Article 13 is a mess: Now even big rightholders disavow it

The second-to-last round of trilogue negotiations to hammer out the final wording of the EU Copyright Directive takes place tonight. On the agenda again: The controversial Article 13, which would make online platforms liable for copyright infringements by their users and force them to install upload filters. Here are the updated 4-column documents: Articles, Recitals.


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