As for today’s trialogue, you can find the 4 column documents for the articles here, and for the recitals here, and the draft agenda here.

To the extent possible under law, the creator has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


  1. 1
    Nicholas Munoz

    I may not be European, but at least I certainly care for them.

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing all this information!
    Is it already possible to know if the issue at Art. 3a, para 1 has been untangled? Will the exception be optional or mandatory for MS to implement?
    Many thanks!

  3. 3
    Mark Johnson

    Very thankful for this! Also could can I suggest that maybe you make another article (if you have time of course) Similar to your article on the July vote []
    Except updated for the current versions of the Copyright Directive. Including Article 12a.
    I think it would help transparency for the many people that still don’t know about this!