Liquid Democracy could be the next step in the evolution of democratic decision-making. Today’s technology for the first time allows us to empower all people by radically increasing their opportunities to participate – in a way that could work for everyone.

Liquid Democracy is the idea for a democratic system that offers you new possibilities without forcing them on you. A system that is transparent and dynamic. That scales to huge numbers of participants. That rewards constructive criticism and minimises populism and the allocation of disproportionate power to those participants able to invest the most time.

We are still in the early days of its development. Some challenges remain unresolved.
But excitingly, the number of promising software projects and reference deployments is growing all over Europe.
Julia Reda, the Pirate in the European Parliament, is exploring using a Liquid Democracy tool in her parliamentary work.

We would like to take this opportunity to bring together the European Liquid Democracy community in a single room for the first time.

November 29 to 30, 2014
Mundo-BRue d’Edimbourg 26
Brussels, Belgium


Liquid Democracy developers, administrators and users: We invite you to Brussels for a weekend of comparing projects and experiences and discussing common challenges, promising solutions and new ideas.

We are expecting 40-50 attendees from at least 15 countries, about 50% of which will have a technical background, with evangelists, researchers and politicians (from different political parties and movements) also in attendance.

Tentative schedule

Sat, November 29

SUN, November 30

  • 10:00–19:30 Barcamp-style workshops on specific challenges of participation systems, such as accreditation, transparency, anonymity/real name policies, delegations, usability, gamification,…

Mon, December 1

  • 09:30–11:00 Visitors group to the European Parliament (mandatory for participants receiving travel reimbursement)

December 2–3 is the EU hackathon, which you could also attend to work on your software.

If possible, please RSVP via email!

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    Anja Adler

    As a researcher and LD enthusiast I am looking forward very much to this event. I just tried to RSVP via the Link above which unfortunately did not work. Could you communicate the email address in another way?

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    Hallo Christopher,
    Martin Delius hat zu eurem Meetup einen Bericht geschrieben. Habt ihr attraktives rechtefreies Bildmaterial Fotos Grafiken zur Ergänzung des Textes? Welche Lizenzangaben muss ich bei Verwendung der obigen Grafik machen?
    Beste Grüße

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