The text of Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised

In the evening of February 13, negotiators from the European Parliament and the Council concluded the trilogue negotiations with a final text for the new EU Copyright Directive.

For two years we’ve debated different drafts and versions of the controversial Articles 11 and 13. Now, there is no more ambiguity: This law will fundamentally change the […]

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Council ready to continue negotiations on the worst version of Article 13 yet

Tonight, the EU’s national governments adopted as their common position the deal struck by France and Germany on the controversial EU Copyright Directive that was leaked earlier this week.

While Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg maintained their opposition to the text and were newly joined by Malta and Slovakia, Germany’s support of the “compromise” […]

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Article 13 is back on – and it got worse, not better

Let’s recall: On January 18, negotiations about the new EU copyright law came to an abrupt halt after member state governments failed to settle on a common position on Article 13, which would force internet platforms to censor their users’ posts using upload filters.

Without such an agreement, the final “trilogue” meeting, at which the law […]

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Terrorist Content Online: The Return of the Upload Filter

Public spaces online can be both a forum for the public debate necessary to underpin our liberal democracy, as well as a recruitment and propaganda paradise for terrorist organisations, where they can prey on and radicalise vulnerable members of our society. No regulation to delete the illegal content they publish will however eradicate […]

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