I’m launching a campaign to end geoblocking in the EU. Are you in?

The EU continues taking baby steps towards a Digital Single Market, when what we need is a leap: An “anti-geoblocking” regulation that does not cover online video, like the one presented by the European Commission today, misses the mark. The Commission’s sector inquiry and the public consultation on the topic have proven just how widespread digital […]

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10,000 told the EU to keep links free. That got their attention – now it’s your turn!

Publishers want control over how we share news online

Publishers are lobbying hard to get more control over the way we all read and share news articles online. For months now, Digital Commissioner Oettinger has been mulling over whether to give in to their demands and grant them a new kind of copyright for […]

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A whistleblower directive for Europe! (Update)

Tomorrow, together with my group in the European Parliament, I will present a draft for a new EU directive on whistleblower protection. The draft directive, which has been launched coinciding with the trial of LuxLeaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour, aims to provide the basis and further impetus for a proposal to this end from the European […]

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