EU Commission’s patchy and timid plans fall far short of breaking down national borders online

National borders on the web are here to stay: The Commission’s draft strategy falls far short of establishing a digital single market in Europe – this is my assessment of the draft digital single market strategy which was leaked by Politico yesterday.

The ambition to ‘break down national silos‘ in the EU’s copyright framework has given way to timid […]

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European culture is not confined to national borders – let’s not use copyright to force it to be

I gave this speech in front of members of the French Sénat in Paris on April 2nd. Thank you to Senator Morin-Desailly for the invitation!

Mesdames et Messieurs les Senateurs et Senatrices,

I am the European Parliament’s rapporteur for the evaluation of the 2001 directive on the harmonisation of certain […]

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