This video is not available in your country: Watch MEPs defend national borders on the Internet

“Geoblocking is essential to protect European cultural diversity”: This was the argument repeatedly put forth in three different European Parliament committees last week.

On the agenda: My copyright evaluation report, in which I argue that we need an update as well as further harmonization of EU copyright rules to meet today’s demand for cross-border cultural […]

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European Copyright Lawyer Investment Plan Already a Success Story

This is from the Department of Who-could-have-seen-this-coming:

As a reaction to a change in Spanish copyright law (Article 32.2) effectively requiring payment for the right to link to newspapers, for example as part of a news aggregator, Google has announced today it is going to shut down “Google News” in Spain and will remove links to […]

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#AskAnsip – first ever online hearing of a new Commissioner

The last weeks here in the parliament have been quite focused on the hearing of the Commissioner Candidates for the Juncker Commission. I have been focusing on the two candidates who will be the primary commissioners for all matters tied to the Internet; Andrus Ansip, from Estonia, and Günther Oettinger, from Germany. I had some […]

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Europe’s next chief internet policymaker has a message for celebrity hacking victims: You’re dumb.

We should say: We can mitigate or even eliminate some risks. But like with any technology, you can’t exclude all risks. I’ll give an example. This may be a little, um… semi-serious. The fact that recently there have been an increasing number of public lamentations about nude photos of celebrities who took selfies – […]

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Invitation: 1st EU Liquid Democracy Meetup – Nov 29

Calling all architects of the democracy of the 21st century!

Liquid Democracy could be the next step in the evolution of democratic decision-making. Today’s technology for the first time allows us to empower all people by radically increasing their opportunities to participate – in a way that could work for everyone.

Liquid Democracy is the idea for […]

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Not in our name: Creators for PirateBay’s Peter Sunde

PirateBay co-founder Peter Sunde may only be allowed to attend his father’s funeral in handcuffs. People from the film industry – directors, actors, screenwriters, authors, producers – produced a video today to send their heartfelt support and declare: This is not done to you in our name.

There are many of us in the global film […]

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RD002 – Back to School

Episode 2 of Reda’s Digest is out! The Podcast starts out in German, the English version follows after the chapter mark at minute 19. In this episode, I will introduce my team and report on what I did in the summer break.

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