Tomorrow afternoon (Oct 27), the European Parliament holds its final vote on net neutrality. The proposal before the Parliament has crucial loopholes. My colleagues and I are fighting until the last minute for an internet that is fair and equal.

Here’s what you need to know and how you can still support the fight:

  1. Europe Is About to Adopt Bad Net Neutrality Rules. Here’s How to Fix Them
  2. A broad alliance including Professor Lessig, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, digital rights organisations, startup companies and many more are urging the Parliament to close these loopholes
  3. Few hours remain for you to go to and urge your MEPs to take a stand for true net neutrality


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    Pedro Miguel

    Good luck for tomorrow Julia. I’m hoping that things don’t turn the wrong way. I already contacted one MEP of my country. I was light on words but i think i got my message understood. Again, good luck for tomorrow and keep up the good work in the Parliament!

    Greetings From Portugal!