After receiving a lot of helpful feedback from the international Pirate community, I have today decided to form a group with Greens/EFA in the European Parliament. I am happy to be continuing the successful work of our Swedish Pirate MEPs Amelia Andersdotter and Christian Engström in the Greens/EFA group. The Pirates’ work in the group was essential for important victories such as defeating the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ACTA and introducing the net neutrality law.
In this legislative period, I will be advancing the long overdue European Copyright reform. This is going to be a challenging task, because even in my own new group, not everybody is yet grasping the importance of the copyright issue. I am looking forward to the cooperation with the group on the European Data Protection Regulation. Together, we will break down the German Government’s delay of the reform from within the parliament and contribute to a supranational European solution for data protection.

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    Bernd Eckenfels

    Ich kann Vorträge von Prof. Dr.iur. Ralf B. Abel zum Thema EU-Datenschutzverordnung – und vor allem deren negative Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft und Innovation nur empfehlen. Eine EU-weite Regelung ist sicher wünschenswert, sie sollte aber kein Regelungs-Vakuum durch unklare und undurchsetzbare Regelungen hinterlassen. Vielleicht kannst Du Ihn mal anhören. Weiss nicht ob es zu seinem Vortrag von 2012 noch Updates gibt: