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Thank you to all Pirates who have participated in this European election campaign and congratulations to all the Pirate Parties who have achieved amazing results (e.g. 4.8 percent in Czech Republic, 4.2 percent in Luxembourg), who have only failed to gain a seat because they come from small countries. We Pirates have campaigned together on a common election programme and although I’ve only been on the ballot in Germany, I consider myself a representative of all international Pirates and all our voters. Our job as Pirates is to transcend national borders and strengthen human rights and free culture in a global, connected society.

Special thanks to Christian Engström and above all to Amelia Andersdotter who as Pirate members of the European Parliament have involved so many Pirates in European politics. You have strengthened our international movement and shown by example that individual parliamentarians can have a huge impact on the future of our digitized society. Amelia has put a lot of time and effort into mentoring me for the work that lies ahead and I will do everything in my power to fill these great footsteps.

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    Go there and give them the spanking they so richly deserve! :-)

    Your animation reminds me of a swedish song. Are you almost doing the Carameldansen, because you’re giving a tribute to your predecessor? ;-)